Rebecca Nzerem

Head of Content.

Rebecca Nzerem is a great writer and lover of books, a thinker who is passionate about changing the way young people view themselves. She believes that identity comes from a self-realization of who one is and not about material things one has acquired. Her interests include travel, writing, reading, networking and learning.

She has a Bsc. in International Relations from Covenant University and she is currently pursuing her Masters in International and Intercultural Communications at the University of Denver. With over 4 years’ experience in the Communications field, she has been equipped with a deep understanding of interpersonal communications, content writing, data management and copy writing. Having worked for various non-profits both locally and internationally, she has gathered significant research skills, social networking skills, collaborative and communication skills.

Rebecca is a team player always searching for opportunities to share valuable learnings. She has cultivated a reputation as a significant contributor through leadership and collaboration which has helped facilitate positive changes and impact outcomes. Her goal is to remain ahead of new and innovative communication technology.

Rebecca Nzerem
The Nigerian Actress Bimbo Oshin.

Bimbo Oshin

Account Executive
Pelumi Ogunlana

Pelumi Ogunlana

Design Director
Graphics Design
Rebecca Nzerem

Rebecca Nzerem

Head of Content
Copy & Content Writing
Richmond Oshin

Richmond Oshin

Web Design & Dev.
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